Distinguished Alumni:

Epsilon Zeta Chapter

Bob Graham – Former Governor and Senator of Florida, (1978-1986) (1986-2005)
General Paul Tibbets – Pilot of the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb used in warfare on Hiroshima.
Lindy Infante – Green Bay Packers Head Coach (1988-1991)
Marshall Criser– UF President (1984-1989)
Jack Katz – Founder and President of Panama Jack clothing and sunglasses

On Campus there are 5 Buildings named after Epsilon Zeta Benefactors:
Alfred A. McKethan Stadium
Criser Hall
Pugh Hall
Ben Hill Griffin Jr. Medical Research Center
Graham Hall

Nationwide Chapters

Archie Manning – Former NFL Quarterback
Eli Manning – Current NFL Quarterback of New York Giants
Harrison Ford – Actor, known for role in Star Wars
Paul Rudd – Actor, known for roles in Knocked Up and Anchorman
Bob Barker – Game show Host
Pat Riley– Former NBA Head Coach, President of the Miami Heat
Johnny L. Morris – Founder and Owner of Bass Pro Shops outdoor retailer
Bill Samuels, Jr. – CEO and Chief Distiller of Maker’s Mark Whiskey
Jeff Tremaine – Director of Jackass Movies
Jamey Johnson – Country Singer
Adam Duritz – Lead Singer of Counting Crows
Boyd Tinsley – Violinist of Dave Matthews Band
All members of Eli Young Band
Paul “Bear” Bryant – Coached several teams most notably Alabama (1958-1982) and the most National Championships (5)
Joe Buck – Sports Broadcaster

Alumni Advisory Board:

Brody Enwright
Nick Boley
Billy Gilchrist
Brant McCarville
Jesse Gallimore
Zach Neeld
Michael Buchanan
Benjamin Perlman